When Howard and Norma Weaver founded H & H Distributing in 1964, they could only hope that their pet supply distribution company would become as successful as it did. At H & H’s peak, the Weavers had some 30 large trucks on the road, delivering pet supplies to retailers throughout the region. Eventually they accepted a handsome offer to sell the company. Yet all the while, the Weavers never lost sight of their humble beginnings.

For Howard and Norma, giving back to the community through philanthropy came as naturally as the love they shared for each other, for their three children, and for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Yes, the Weavers were generous givers. Though as was typical for them, they never sought the spotlight for their contributions.

Norma, in particular, would often think of her late father, Henry Clement, an Ann Arbor firefighter who lost his life in the line of duty during the 1960s. She wished to buy a classic Ann Arbor fire truck, to preserve in her father’s memory. This initial purchase led to more, and in time the Weavers’ fire truck collection became founding pieces of the renowned Michigan Firehouse Museum, on the edge of Depot Town in Ypsilanti.

Howard and Norma were also instrumental in acquiring the land and constructing the monument for The Washtenaw 100’s Memorial Park, which honors our county’s fallen firefighters and police officers. You’ll find this restful place at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Ballard Street just as you enter Downtown Ypsilanti from the west.

Today, The Washtenaw 100’s Howard and Norma Weaver Memorial Award honors citizens who quietly support our police and fire departments, just as the Weavers did through their 64 years of marriage and decades of business success.

Sadly, Norma Weaver passed away in 2020, rejoining Howard Weaver, the love of her life, who had preceded her in death a half-dozen years before. Yet Norma won’t be forgotten – not by her surviving family, not by her community, and certainly not by The Washtenaw 100. Just as Norma remained forever moved by her father’s brave service, we continue to be inspired by Norma’s dedication those who preserve our safety.