Spotlight on Scholarship

Lauren BazickThe Washtenaw 100’s Scholarship Program annually provides financial assistance for higher education to children of active law enforcement officers and firefighters throughout Washtenaw County.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Lauren Bazick, a 2020 scholarship winner, about how her scholarship from The Washtenaw 100 has helped advance her education.

Lauren grew up in Dexter, Michigan, playing soccer, running track, and being active in her church’s youth group.  All the while her father worked as an Ann Arbor police officer and a Washtenaw County Sheriff.  Lauren proudly tells us, “My dad is special. He instilled in us the values of serving the community, treating people with respect and kindness, and being open to different points of view.”

Lauren has a passion for working with young people. She’s entering her senior year at Michigan State University, majoring in kinesiology with a minor in coaching. Recently, after her third knee surgery, she realized that playing sports was no longer in her future, and instead turned to a new love: coaching. While focusing on her studies at State, Lauren also serves on the coaching staff at nearby DeWitt High School as the hurdles and sprints coach, and she continues to mentor girls from her church youth group.

Lauren told us that her dad “brought his heart to work every day,” and this guided him in his job. That inspired her. In high school, Lauren thought about a career in law enforcement, but as she began to reflect on the values her dad taught her—kindness, respect for others, service—she realized these values could be combined with her passion for athletics in the field of coaching.

Lauren’s interest in applying for The Washtenaw 100 scholarship – and recommending for other students to apply – arose from her belief that it’s important to hear from and recognize kids who come from law enforcement families. She said: “There are a lot of pressures having someone in your family who puts it on the line every day. But it can also bring you closer. There’s definitely a cost to that kind of service. But where would we be without people doing this? Ultimately, as a kid, you come to understand why it’s so important. It’s our contribution as a family.”

Lauren talked about the ease of The Washtenaw 100’s scholarship application process. “It gives you the chance to share your experiences, accomplishments, and goals,” she said. Applying for the scholarship also helped Lauren meet and bond with other students from law enforcement families. She noted, “If you’re interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement or firefighting, applying for The Washtenaw 100’s financial assistance helps to get your name out there.”

We’re so pleased to have supported this impressive 21-year-old who has such a bright future. We can’t wait to see what Lauren Bazick does next!

More information about The Washtenaw 100’s scholarship eligibility requirements and application process can be found here. We annually award scholarships to as many as 15 children of our area’s law enforcement officers and firefighters.