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Dedicated September 11, 2005

The History

In October of 2001, some members of The Washtenaw 100 gathered to discuss the topic of the number of duty deaths at the World Trade Center on 9/11.  This led us to talking about the total number of duty deaths in Washtenaw County. However, no one seemed to know the numbers or the names of those who gave their lives to protect the lives of others in the county, so the journey began.  

In 2002 a complete list of Washtenaw County police officers and firefighters who had lost their lives in the line of duty was secured.  At that time the board discussed how to share the information on that list.  After much discussion and the study of a number of ideas, the committee recommended building a Memorial Wall so the list of names could be publicly displayed.

The search for an acceptable site began in 2003 and in the spring of 2005, Adams Outdoor Advertising approached the committee with one of their properties at the corner of Michigan Ave. and Ballard St. in Ypsilanti.  Later that year the Washtenaw 100 Memorial Wall became a reality at that location. 

We still need your support for the Memorial Park!
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Firefighter Matthew A. Heininger March 27, 1928
Firefighter William O'Leary October 8, 1928
Officer Clifford Stang March 21, 1935
Officer Kenneth Payne June 4, 1946
Officer Leonard Alber May 31, 1956
Firefighter Henry Clement November 9, 1961
Officer Headley Downey May 9, 1963
Captain Aaron Carson January 11, 1966
Chief Russell Forsyth May 11, 1966
Deputy Leo Borders August 3, 1966
Deputy Jerry Russo January 14, 1967
Deputy Frank "Butch" Crampton January 15, 1970
Deputy Harold Ewald December 8, 1970
Officer Douglas D. Downing July 11, 1975
Firefighter Charles Uphaus May 2, 1976
Officer Steven J. Reuther February 4, 1991
Officer Tammy Sperle February 5, 1996
Firefighter Amy Schnearle-Pennywitt January 13, 2006
Captain Matt J. Tuttle April 13, 2006
Chief Riley Scott Sumner April 13, 2006

The Washtenaw 100 is proud to support the families of the men and women of law enforcement
and firefighting who give so selflessly that we may enjoy a safe community.