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Ann Arbor, MI --- The Washtenaw 100 Club is proud to announce it is honoring Officer Gordon Schick of the Pittsfield Department of Public Safety as Law Enforcement Officer of the Year and Lieutenant Joe Podd of the Saline Area Fire Department as Firefighter of the Year.

In addition to awarding $7,000 in scholarships to families of fire and police personnel, the Washtenaw 100 annually selects individuals to honor at their annual meeting as firefighter and law enforcement officer of the year. For 2003, the Club has selected Lieutenant Podd as Firefighter of the Year. Lieutenant Joe Podd is a proven leader and exemplary fire fighter. Leading by example, listening to concerns and keeping the concerns of fellow firefighters in mind while resolving issues are some of the key qualities he possesses. In addition, Lieutenant Podd's quick response to incident scenes has allowed him the opportunity to save lives. Most recently, Lieutenant Podd responded to an incident involving a bicycle crash in which the victim has gone into cardiac arrest. Because of Lieutenant Podd's quick response and keen abilities, this individual is alive today. Lieutenant Podd has been an on-call firefighter for 21 years, while serving as a full-time Physician's Assistant for a local Orthopedic Surgeon. Mr. Podd has served as Lieutenant of the Saline Area Fire Department since 1982. Lieutenant Podd is married and has two children.

Selected as Law Enforcement Officer of the Year was Officer Gordon Schick of the Pittsfield Department of Public Safety. Officer Schick has worked for Pittsfield since August of 1996 and his initiative, outstanding professionalism, devotion to duty uphold the finest tradition of the Pittsfield Department of Public Safety. Officer Schick's efforts over a 10-month period in 2001 resulted in over 10 arrests and the prevention of major crimes, including a planned bank robbery. Officer Schick began investigating a group of individuals in the summer of 2001, who had gone on a 26-day crime spree - eight armed robberies, stolen vehicles throughout Washtenaw, Livingston, Ingham and Montcalm Counties. As the crimes continued the individuals became more aggressive and began assaulting the victims of their crimes. Due to Office Schick's commitment to end this crime spree, 10 felony arrests were made; eight convictions have been made, and on-going criminal investigations continue resulting from Officer Schick's initial investigation.

The Washtenaw One Hundred Club, an organization of area business people, whose mission is to support local active police officers and fire fighters who serve within Washtenaw County, will host its annual meeting on Wednesday, October 22, 2003 at the Eagle Crest Golf Clubhouse in Ypsilanti. For information on the Washtenaw 100 Club, phone Mary Kerr, Publicity Chairperson, at (734) 995-7281.

The Washtenaw 100 is proud to support the families of the men and women of law enforcement
and firefighting who give so selflessly that we may enjoy a safe community.