Washtenaw 100
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In the spring of 1971, while attending the Indy 500, an optician from Washtenaw County was invited to attend a meeting of a unique group. As a guest of the Indy Club, he learned of the special endowments this organization made to the families of police and fire personnel who were killed in the line of duty.

Inspired by the Indy Club's contributions, he approached twelve of his close friends. A uniform enthusiasm among these twelve demanded that such a group be established in Washtenaw County. Christened the Washtenaw One Hundred in hopes that the group would have at least one hundred members, the first meeting was held in the fall of 1971 with a variety of careers represented, ranging from medical doctors to public accountants.

Operating anonymously and meeting once a year, it was determined that the primary purpose of the group would be to provide a "no strings" cash contribution to family members within 24 hours of the duty death of a fire fighter or police officer. Although police and fire departments offer insurance that in time will cover financial needs of these families, The Washtenaw One Hundred provides funds when they are needed most - at the time of crisis.

Seeking to expand benefits to families of police officers and fire fighters, The Washtenaw One Hundred has been providing scholarship funds for children of these public servants since 1977.

Although no longer an anonymous organization, The Washtenaw One Hundred is proud to continue its support of the families of the Washtenaw County law enforcement and fire fighting personnel who give so selflessly that we all may enjoy a safe community.

The Washtenaw 100 is proud to support the families of the men and women of law enforcement
and firefighting who give so selflessly that we may enjoy a safe community.